Cities with most coworking spaces

On the other hand, it’s no surprise that Milan, with 91 active mapped spaces, is the Municipality with the highest number of shared workspaces in Italy, both absolutely (13% of the Italian spaces) and relatively (density-wise, we have 1 space every 14’000 residents). It’s no coincidence, therefore, that “Coworking” is the most researched keyword inContinue reading “Cities with most coworking spaces”

Coworking in villages with less than 5’000 inhabitants

It’s still Kioosco the coworking spot in the smallest village: Pieve di Bono-Prezzo (TN) with a little more than 1’500 inhabitants. With respect to other villages, we have almost 20 shared workspaces in villages with less than 5’000 inhabitants, like Lotto Cinque in Malgrate (Lecce), Bam Lab in Carrù (CN), Warehouse Factory in San CostanzoContinue reading “Coworking in villages with less than 5’000 inhabitants”

Coworking in Northern Italy: some numbers

60% of coworking providers operate in Northern Italy (425 spaces), with prevalence towards the North-West. Growth in those areas is also stronger than in the rest of the Country, with 27 new spaces from 2018. This is where the shared workspace model has succeeded the most, showing great vitality. Lombardy, in particular, is without aContinue reading “Coworking in Northern Italy: some numbers”

Coworking is growing in the Center, South and Islands as well

We also registered a growth compared to 2018 in the Regions of Southern-Central Italy. In the central regions the growth is mostly linked to the biggest cities, i.e. Lazio, where coworking spaces are almost exclusively concentrated in Rome. Differently, the spread of shared workspaces in Tuscany is way more uniform and closer to the trendContinue reading “Coworking is growing in the Center, South and Islands as well”

Italian Coworking in numbers

The growth of coworking spaces in Italy is confirmed for this year too. We have mapped 40 new spaces, with the shut down ones already taken into account. We surpassed the 700 mark and registered an increase in investments with a numerical increase of the multi-space providers. The map below shows the spread of coworkingContinue reading “Italian Coworking in numbers”

How many coworking spaces are there in Italy?

Coworking spots in Italy are an alternative to working at the office or from home, which is nowadays getting more popular and well-known among most people. Probably you didn’t know that the very first coworking spaces in Italy started to pop out just 10 years ago, while in the USA this phenomenon had already begunContinue reading “How many coworking spaces are there in Italy?”