Top 5 YouTube Channels

 1. Project Life Mastery: Project Life Mastery is committed to helping you master every area of your life.Project Life Mastery is dedicated to helping you master every area of your life with the best self-development advice and starting an online business  2. Lost LeBlanc: Lost LeBlanc Store is your destination for travel guides, clothing, and consulting. Prepare for your next adventureContinue reading “Top 5 YouTube Channels”

Top 15 books recommended for 2021

Here is a list of very useful books which will help you grow professionally as well as personally.  1. The 4-hour work week:  The 4-Hour Workweek is the step-by-step blueprint to free yourself from the shackles of a corporate job, create a business to fund the lifestyle of your dreams, and live life like a millionaire, without actuallyContinue reading “Top 15 books recommended for 2021”

Top 10 Podcasts to follow

 1. Brendon burchard: Every week, Brendon shares what he’s struggling with, working on and marching towards – and how we can all live an extraordinary life. This is an intimate and inspiring look into the life and strategies of one of the most watched, followed and quoted personal development trainers in history.  2. Tim Ferris Show: Each episode,Tim deconstructsContinue reading “Top 10 Podcasts to follow”