Working in Italy

New opportunities thanks to the tax incentives for new resident workers Italy, in the last five years has become, year after year, a better place to work. As a matter of fact, during the last governments, some new fiscal incentives were introduced in order to make Italy an attractive working place not only for workers,Continue reading “Working in Italy”

Legal & Taxation: Key Questions & Answers

Written by our tax expert Dottore Commercialista Raffaele Marino Legal residency vs. tax residency in Italy Tax residence in Italy is acquired in the presence of one of the following criteria: Be registered in the resident population registry for most of the tax period   Have a domicile in Italy, Have residency in Italy The concepts of domicile and residence are alternative to  each  other. We canContinue reading “Legal & Taxation: Key Questions & Answers”

Top 5 YouTube Channels

 1. Project Life Mastery: Project Life Mastery is committed to helping you master every area of your life.Project Life Mastery is dedicated to helping you master every area of your life with the best self-development advice and starting an online business  2. Lost LeBlanc: Lost LeBlanc Store is your destination for travel guides, clothing, and consulting. Prepare for your next adventureContinue reading “Top 5 YouTube Channels”

Coworking in villages with less than 5’000 inhabitants

It’s still Kioosco the coworking spot in the smallest village: Pieve di Bono-Prezzo (TN) with a little more than 1’500 inhabitants. With respect to other villages, we have almost 20 shared workspaces in villages with less than 5’000 inhabitants, like Lotto Cinque in Malgrate (Lecce), Bam Lab in Carrù (CN), Warehouse Factory in San CostanzoContinue reading “Coworking in villages with less than 5’000 inhabitants”

New tax regime in Italy, “Regime impatriati”

Law Decree No. 34 of April 30, 2019, also called “Regime impatriati” entered into force on May 1, 2019, and introduced new tax incentives referring to inbound workers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and professors who transfer their tax residence in Italy starting from 2020. The new provisions are aimed at attracting individuals (including wealthy individuals) and newContinue reading “New tax regime in Italy, “Regime impatriati””

Coworking is growing in the Center, South and Islands as well

We also registered a growth compared to 2018 in the Regions of Southern-Central Italy. In the central regions the growth is mostly linked to the biggest cities, i.e. Lazio, where coworking spaces are almost exclusively concentrated in Rome. Differently, the spread of shared workspaces in Tuscany is way more uniform and closer to the trendContinue reading “Coworking is growing in the Center, South and Islands as well”


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