Cities with most coworking spaces

On the other hand, it’s no surprise that Milan, with 91 active mapped spaces, is the Municipality with the highest number of shared workspaces in Italy, both absolutely (13% of the Italian spaces) and relatively (density-wise, we have 1 space every 14’000 residents). It’s no coincidence, therefore, that “Coworking” is the most researched keyword in Milan with regards to shared workspaces for 2019.

Rome is in second place, with 57 mapped spaces and 1 space every 45’000 residents, with an interesting growth compared to 2018. Generally, during the last two years, shared workspaces offer has grown also qualitatively in the Capital: in fact, opposite to what we said about Southern Italy, big investments have been made in Rome in the last two years , both by big players like Talent Garden and Copernico (EUR) and by small independent providers that have invested considerable amounts of money. Have a look at our guide on coworking spaces in Rome.

In third place we have Turin (24 spaces, 1 every 36’000), where, in 2019, we mapped a big number of new coworking spots. Behind Turin we have Florence (17), Bologna (14), Verona and Venice (12).

Compared to 2018, coworking spaces are growing in almost every main city, not every single one of them though: look at the map above for details, select the Municipal geographical option or use the search tool in order to find the Municipality of your interest.

The Southern cities with most active spaces are Naples (14) and Palermo (13): here the density is sensibly lower than the national average.

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