Top 5 YouTube Channels

 1. Project Life Mastery: Project Life Mastery is committed to helping you master every area of your life.Project Life Mastery is dedicated to helping you master every area of your life with the best self-development advice and starting an online business

 2. Lost LeBlanc: Lost LeBlanc Store is your destination for travel guides, clothing, and consulting. Prepare for your next adventure here and then #GetLost!

 3. Kylie Flavell: is an award-winning film maker, producer, TV host for NatGeo and Discovery, poet, journalist and cook, passionate about making cinematic content

 4. Taxes for Digital NomadsInternational tax strategies for digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs

 5. Project Management Goddess:  she teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage tech so that they can save time, automate more and scale their business with ease

EXTRA: FREE resources for freelancers 

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