Coworking in villages with less than 5’000 inhabitants

It’s still Kioosco the coworking spot in the smallest village: Pieve di Bono-Prezzo (TN) with a little more than 1’500 inhabitants.

With respect to other villages, we have almost 20 shared workspaces in villages with less than 5’000 inhabitants, like Lotto Cinque in Malgrate (Lecce), Bam Lab in Carrù (CN), Warehouse Factory in San Costanzo (PU).

Potential expansion areas

Municipalitiesn. Spaces nov2019Compared to dec2018% SpacesResidents% ResidentsResidents per Space Rate

source: Istat 2011 &

Looking at a raw indicator like the resident density, it’s clear that there are still big margins for the growth of coworking in Italy, both in big cities (more than 100’000 inhabitants) and small ones.

In the biggest urban areas (more than 100’000 inhabitants) we have 1 space every 37’000 residents on average, while in regular towns (50-100’000 inhabitants) density decreases sensibly (obviously), with lows of 1 space every 240’000 residents in small towns with less than 20’000 inhabitants.

If you check out the graph below the map you can have some fun finding out cities/Provinces/Regions with lower coworking space density per resident (the darkest blocks).

Which is your experience in a coworking in Italy? Do you have any idea or a place that you think is perfect for a new coworking space? Share us your idea and let’s help the Italian ecosystem to shine!

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