Coworking in Northern Italy: some numbers

60% of coworking providers operate in Northern Italy (425 spaces), with prevalence towards the North-West. Growth in those areas is also stronger than in the rest of the Country, with 27 new spaces from 2018. This is where the shared workspace model has succeeded the most, showing great vitality.

Lombardy, in particular, is without a doubt the region with most coworking spots, not only because it’s home to ¼ of all the Italian shared workspaces, but also because here we register the highest supply of spaces per capita (1 space every 52’000 residents) and the strongest growth of coworking spots compared to last year (+14).

In the rest of the North-West (without considering the Capitals of the Regions), Liguria and Piedmont host sensibly lower absolute and relative numbers of spaces. In Turin, though, we registered great vitality in 2019 with many new spaces tracked.

In the North-East, the most shared-spaces-dense Regions are Veneto (which has experienced a nice growth in the coworking sector during the last years) and Emilia-Romagna, with a high density per capita, not much lower than the one of Lombardy (1 space every 62’000 residents). Veneto specifically is the second largest Region when it comes to shared workspaces, which are homogenously spread between all the Provinces and can also be found in small town centers.

Differently, coworking spaces in the rest of the North-Italian Regions are mostly concentrated in the Capital of each Province, with densities around the national average.

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