Coworking is growing in the Center, South and Islands as well

We also registered a growth compared to 2018 in the Regions of Southern-Central Italy. In the central regions the growth is mostly linked to the biggest cities, i.e. Lazio, where coworking spaces are almost exclusively concentrated in Rome. Differently, the spread of shared workspaces in Tuscany is way more uniform and closer to the trend of the Northern Regions. Again, here the balance between active and shut down mapped spaces is positive.

It’s no surprise that shared workspaces have become popular in the South and in the Islands, too. Lots of spaces have opened during the last years (134), partly filling the existing strong gap. Apulia and Sicily are the Regions where this trend is most visible (also thanks to some regional policies), while coworking is being established more slowly in Regions like Campania (though the growth trend here is the strongest for 2019) and Calabria.

South: coworking numbers are good, investments aren’t

Anyway, while last year we gladly emphasized coworking growth in Southern Italy, today we must highlight the lack of investments, registered in 2019, by big players in the sector, which remain strongly absent below Rome (with few exceptions and rumors of next openings, always delayed). In these Regions the coworking universe remains mostly characterized by very small spaces. Naples is the most evident example of a metropolitan city with a very limited shared workspace offer. Therefore, although with a growing trend, shared spaces in the South keeps being focused on single individuals and independent spaces, rarely connected to any network and, generally, with few available resources and services.

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