How many coworking spaces are there in Italy?

Coworking spots in Italy are an alternative to working at the office or from home, which is nowadays getting more popular and well-known among most people. Probably you didn’t know that the very first coworking spaces in Italy started to pop out just 10 years ago, while in the USA this phenomenon had already begun 5 years earlier.

At the beginning of 2010 we couldn’t count more than 10 shared workspaces, made to accommodate independent professionals and companies, and they were all concentrated in the larger cities of North-Central Italy.

Lately coworking spots have been growing quickly in the whole Country. At the present day, given that this article is constantly updated, Italian Coworking counts over 700 spaces just on their platform, more or less 1 coworking space every 84’000 residents.

These shared spaces are now spread from big cities to very small villages and have become a popular organizational model for work in our Country, at least numerically.

It’s hard to keep track of the relative numbers in Italy, for 2 main reasons:

1. The Coworking Universe is very diverse. The Italian way of coworking is characterized by very different situations, made up of spaces as small as 100 squared meters and investments in buildings as big as 5000 squared meters or more, independent providers, big companies with millions in revenue, associations and collateral experiences (opening a coworking space inside my company’s building etc.). These are all different models that require different organization, investments, vocation, motivations and objectives.

2. Statistics on the phenomenon have been either inexistent, unreliable or exclusive.

In late 2017, with an extensive web and social networks research, we were able to find over 500 coworking spaces. It’s been a surprise, later substantiated by more research (CNR – National Research Council of Italy). In 2018, collaborating with Forum PA on the ICityRate2018 report, we tracked over 650 coworking spots in Italy.  Since then we have been “cleaning” and maintaining our list of coworking spots that have been shut down (almost 70 between 2018 and 2019). We have uploaded the list online, with many other tools to monitor and support providers.

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